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B3 Performance & Aesthetic Medicine is all about living your best life, on your terms.

We are passionate about helping you be the star of your own show by looking for opportunities to fuse performance-focused medicine, aesthetics, and coaching to lower barriers and augment strengths.
Our philosophy is rockstar medicine without rockstar prices.

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We are passionate about preventing and reversing the early signs of aging. They say you should act your age, but you certainly don’t have to look it.

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At B3, we understand the paramount importance of feeling your best, and our mission is to empower you on your journey to optimal health and well-being.

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We specialize in crafting care plans specifically tailored to maximize our patients’ performance in a sustainable and health-conscious way.


Shop our selection of medical grade skincare products in-clinic and online.

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What my patients say 

~ Testimonials ~

Kiersten R.

Katelyn took the time to sit down with me and ask me questions about my skin type to make me the best skin care routine specific to my skins needs. I have been so pleased with the products she recommended to me and how they’ve made my skin look and feel. My skin has never been this clear and soft before. I will be going to her for all of my skincare needs from here on out!!

Kaci Shonkwiler

I wish I could give my experience more than 5 stars. I am a patient of Dr. Holiday and I have seen Katelyn for a micro-needling facial procedure. They both never fail to make me feel informed, confident and at ease.I highly recommend B3 to everyone because it’s simply the best. from the moment you enter the medical spa, you can tell it was founded but people who are dedicated to YOU. To me, that’s everything.

Abby Beaty

Katelyn did my Botox & lip fillers and I will never be going to anyone else, or any other clinic! She took the time to ask detailed questions to make sure she knew what I wanted, walked me through how the entire process was going to work, and made sure I understood everything! Thank you B3 for everything and I cannot wait to come back!

Adrian Hullum II

Dr. Holaday and Katelyn, are in my opinion, the best in the business. I have been going to B3 bi-weekly for the past 3 months for my Morpheus8 and EvolveX treatments, and I’m very pleased with my result. These two professionals are some of the most kind hearted, trustworthy, and dedicated people I’ve met in my journey to getting my body back together. I’m so glad I chose this team, I have no doubt that any service being provided will be done with your best interest in mind.

Steve Holaday

Can’t believe that they can make a 68 year old man look younger.